process post#5 reading week for simona

This week is Reading Week, and it has snowed for many consecutive days in Vancouver. Instead of going out to play with friends often, I choose to stay at home and return to the topic of Reading Week. Of course, I didn’t read this week, like Feeling relieved, I can rest at home for a week. During this week, I spend the most time with my dog. It must be very happy. I have time for reading week. On Tuesday, I will take it for a walk downstairs , it is very happy to play in the snow, but I am very cold. Oh yes, I learned a new skill, playing the guitar! I really enjoy playing the guitar, giving me a relaxed and happy mood.

In this week, I don’t seem to turn on the computer, forget homework and study, it’s only a week, I want to control my time, but I have to come back to reality! Sometimes I don’t choose to take pictures to record my life. I think it’s just a moment, and many beautiful things are just a moment. I just want to enjoy the feeling and freedom brought to me by the moment.

I found that when I first started using WorkPress, I went to YOUTUBE to watch tutorials, and I was using a layout template. There were some posts, and I even had to click “next post: to jump to the next post, and there was no All are displayed in my “PROCESS POST”. In “Design Machines. How to survive in the digital Apocalypse“, it is said that we can find our inspiration and guidance by editing the design, “We need to be better than machines , it’s time to stand up and design with heart.” That’s right, we can’t be worse than machines, as long as we work hard, we can get closer to the goal.

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