We are all confused when creating unknown web pages, but we all need to explore by ourselves to unlock more cognition. Similarly, for workpress, I don’t fully know how to operate, but I will learn one every day content.

I often use some social media software, such as Instagram and Tik Toks and we have our own account in this field to post some status and life. On social media, I’ll put my best self out online, with strangers after all, and I’ll post about the food I ate with my friends, and my dog. In reading (), I don’t agree with them acting more like themselves on social software. My mission is that women should express their thoughts without hesitation, and don’t have a back button, so that they can express the most authentic thoughts.

For me, I love using Instagram because I can post all my memories of my own life on it, as well as my own photos. I think I’ll keep using it

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