process post#9

When we use our cell phones and computers, our data is already transparent, why did my parents always tell me when I was little not to expose my information on social media platforms, but we set up our own blogs and post our daily life and personal information in “About”, is this really a deliberate way to keep our data from being lost? Is this really a deliberate way to keep data from being lost? I don’t think so, just like I would use instagram, not to get more attention, just to know what my friends and my favorite celebrities are up to, I do think there are some people who over share on social platforms, exposing their privacy and orientation. But if you really don’t post anything, is it true that your information won’t be freely accessible? I don’t think so.

After reading “Digital breadcrumbs: the data trail we leave behind us…” by George Philip, Jennifer Anne Lazo, Rooham Jamali and Rudy Al Jaroodi, the data trail is really amazing, for example, if I am blogging at home with wifi connected, anyone who uses this company’s network knows where I am currently located.

Like I said earlier, I will not deliberately hide my data, because in these times, there are too many b don’t want to be found data are exposed to the public, no matter what we do, go to buy a thing at the same time, let you join the membership will get a discount, I think I will go to do so, after all, I will not lose anything, just published my email, cell phone number, and home address, they also In this way to send emails to consumers to let them know some of their developments, are getting information data from both sides.

Overall, I think it’s normal to go ahead and publish appropriately while ensuring your y privacy. Nowadays, it’s very easy to find out your information, and also to raise the heart of vigilance on social media, while gaining benefits.

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