process post#7:

I still clearly remember that when I was in junior high school, I would watch the news with my family and listen to what happened every day, but now, although I sometimes watch TV, I have very little time to listen to the news. Some of the latest news may not come from the broadcast on TV.

Nowadays, people follow the news, and the news of the world in the most convenient way, and of course I go through social media, to find out what is happening every day, but after all, it is news, and there are truths and falsehoods. For example, the relationship between celebrities, there will be journalists, the media, to pry into the private life of the stars and to break the news that two stars have a scandal, but in reality they are just partners. I can now say to strangers that I have graduated, but is that really true? Could there be a lot of truth in this world that hasn’t surfaced as well?

When I read  the article“The Era of Fake Video Begins.” I can’t read the whole article, I can apply to read it for free, but I need to fill in a lot of information about myself, I don’t want to do that, I think it’s a hassle, also one of the reasons is I don’t want to expose all my personal information on the website, I read an article and I think that’s right, a lot of times you can’t just take it at face value, there are actors who are very committed, like Game of Thrones, the internet is also is very cruel, actors are like a transparent person, from Wikipedia we know almost everything about them, but is that the truth? It’s just the media updating their information and posting it. When I read “She Spent a Decade Writing Fake Russian History. Wikipedia Just Noticed. This article, they are always trying to update their latest news, which can change at any time. It turns out that I can easily edit Wikipedia and post it on my site too.

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