process post#10

Google Analytics is a powerful tool for collecting data from websites and applications to generate reports, and we all know that Google Analytics is a powerful tool for providing actionable data. One of the quickest ways to get this data is to clarify what all these terms mean. What does bounce rate mean, and does it correlate with exit rates? And how does it relate to sessions and page views? We first talked about impressions when looking at clicks. Display counts appear when links are placed in search results. According to Google’s SEO report, display counts do not include display counts for paid Google ad campaigns, which are recorded separately. In short, when a user can see your link in the search results, this is considered a display. As you know, we use the number of displays and the number of clicks to calculate the click-through rate.

While google analytics can see that I have about 20+ visitors to my site, I can also see my visitors and their ip addresses, and I can clearly see if they are using a computer or a cell phone to visit. I think this makes me feel uncomfortable. But analytics is an important display of data that users use for feedback, even though I don’t get emails and more feedback when I do.

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