process post#4 : let’s do it

After the peer review, I am still studying how to arrange my blog and the use of WorkPress. After TA corrected the problem of my process post, I studied it carefully. There are indeed many problems. I really haven’t spent a lot recently. The time is in my blog, because I am busy with my midterm exam, and a lot of classes are on my head. From this week onwards, I will complete my weekly blog on time.

Now that I know where to modify my theme, I’ve been researching how to put links to related articles I read into my blog, which is a big problem for me, and I find that WorkPress will limit me a lot of problems, I first have to put the picture I want to insert under each point I make, but many times I can’t succeed, in her article, ““Digital gardens let you cultivate your own little bit of the internet”“. Tom Critchlow, a consultant who has been cultivating his digital garden for years, sheds light on the key differences between old-fashioned blogging and digital gardening. “Blogging allows you to speak to a large audience,” he says. , you are talking to yourself. Over time, you will focus on what you want to cultivate. “

The reason I like the digital garden is that it can change according to the creator’s ideas and growth. This is what I like to show on my blog. I want to be closely connected with writing.

I need to take time to improve my writing, just to show my thoughts and growth process, after this week, I hope I can completely relax myself from the blogging process, I can use writing to express My lifestyle and travel, and I am learning how to play the guitar recently, I believe that in a short period of time, I can better improve my level.

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