peer review#2: mindmediares

It helps me a lot to visit a different student’s website each time I go. My second peer review. this time I visited Mercy , Mercy website is

When I visited Mercy’s site, he used a large blank background because his main color is white, and although it doesn’t have a lot of color impact, I like the design, which is simple and organized. Whether it’s his homepage, blog page or the articles in pub101, he uses thin black lines and thick black lines to leave some space for each article.

I also found a very careful side of Mercy, his website can switch between night mode and day mode, when people read the website, they can switch Mercy’s mode by day or night, this is also because he has said in “About” that he is interested in psychology, and knows that everyone may have different ways of insight in different needs. I believe that one day you will be able to make a firm choice in your own field.

Mercy’s post title uses the correct scale to resize the title. But the title of the site will be much smaller than the font of the post. I think we can make the name of the site bigger so that we can be attracted by the name of the site instead of just seeing the post he made.

I like Mercy’s sidebar on his site showing all the latest posts, it’s easy to click to watch the latest and previous posts, very convenient. Overall, Mercy’s layout, structure, color palette and choice of theme are all great, and all are very conducive for visitors to navigate and read the content of the posts.

When I read his process post, Mercy thought of his “imaginary audience” and designed his site in this way, with Mercy’s audience being people who like games and psychology and share his interests. So when he enters his field, he can easily show his audience relevant gaming and psychology posts. Each post is very clear and neat. Makes me anxious to see how Mercy will continue to post the content of his posts in the future to better showcase his interests.

One suggestion I have for Mercy’s site is that he could add a homepage introduction for a long time would be perfect, such as some games or psychology related pictures to design your homepage, since right now your homepage is a bit crowded with your recent posts, I think putting some pictures would make people who view the site, want to know more about you and your blog content.

Overall, I really like Mercy’s site design, it’s well organized and the post content is interesting, I can’t wait to see his future designs and postings.

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