Peer review#1

This is my first peer review post this semester, and I was assigned to review Tara Jackson’s website. At the same time, I browsed the content of Tara Jackson’s website, a food-focused blogger who will share my thoughts on Food experiences and ideas.This was finalized on February 6, 2023, anything posted after this date was not included.

This is Tara Jackson’s website:

First of all, I browsed Tara Jackson’s homepage, and the sense of direction is very clear. Just one picture can well show the general direction of the overall blog. And it’s also very concise, making our viewing comfortable. Not at all confusing. In “About”, I was able to get acquainted with her from an unfamiliar angle and showed my interest very well. I can’t help but want to continue to read everything she shared. In The Map of my space in her process post, the thoughts expressed are also very clear.

I like the theme of the overall design very much. I also watched many other students’ websites. I think it is a little dark and makes me feel very depressed. But in Tara Jackson’s website, I feel very sunny and clear at a glance. Your post also clearly identifies the article and opens up the discussion.

But there is a problem that when I click on each category, when I see “About Me” in the upper left corner, I know it means to return to the home page, but if it is changed to “Return”, I believe it will allow viewers to have a clear direction.

Finally, generally speaking, Tara Jackson’s website is very helpful to me, because I encountered great difficulties when researching the website. I used to see the content of Tara Jackson’s website, which gave me great inspiration and guidance. . So I think this is a very good website, there are almost no problems, and I am looking forward to her next food sharing.

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