peer review 3: the watcher 657

For this peer review, I looked at Anya’s website, The Watcher 657. This is a blog about movie and TV show reviews, and I learned on her “about page that she calls herself “The Watcher” because of a notorious mystery case involving a stalker with the same moniker. I think it’s a very cool name. Makes me very curious to keep watching her blog.

When I go to Anya’s home page, I can see at the top a very clear navigation that lists the different sections of her blog, which are  “home,” “about,” “reviews,” “process posts,” “mini assignments,” “peer review.” and”Essay.”

I think her site is very navigable, more specifically, it lets visitors know exactly where to find each article, and the categories are obvious. When I read her reviews, she clearly tells the reader what she liked and didn’t like about the movie, and ends with a rating for the movie, though her paragraphs are a bit long, and I would suggest that there could be some spacing that would give the reader a better visual view.

I think her site is very design driven and reminds me of Campbell explaining that this is crucial when building a personal web infrastructure because it allows students to creatively control their digital lives. The complete lack of any templates is really great and has me in awe of having her own design style.

She has set up movie reviews for her website so that more visitors can get a lot out of her reviews, and I was one of them when I went to see one of the movies he thought was the best《 Prisoners》.which I watched on Netflix.

Prisoners is a gritty, incredibly well-acted, suspenseful, thought-provoking crime drama thriller. The film mainly focus on the choices taken and the consequences faced by the characters when worst things happen to them.The film’s atmosphere, heavy rains, stormy days and icy cold winter managed to create a dark, dreadful environment to make up the dreary and haunting mood in the film. Every violent action taken by the characters are acts of desperation given that they are running out of time.However, the film is not perfect. Despite some plot problems from the various twists and turns shown in the film, the superb performances from the casts was sufficient enough to make the story succeed and believable.

In her process posts7 she talks about the “How Parents Of Child Influencers Package Their Kids’ Lives For Instagram”,The belief that parents should not post information about their children until their children have the mental capacity to understand the consequences of the internet and agree to post it online. I couldn’t agree more, and like Anya‘s said, once information is posted online, it’s there forever. Because children are not mentally capable of taking on this information on the internet.

All in all

I appreciate the specificity of all Anya’s blog posts and reviews of films, which keep the reader engaged and free of grammatical errors. My suggestion would be to add topics to the home page, such as “films and reviews”, to make it clearer to visitors what your blog is about, not just a picture. Maybe that’s just my suggestion, but overall I really enjoy Anya’s blog and I’m looking forward to what she posts next and the films she recommends!

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