mini Assignment#2

Spiderman – around the world

Hello, My name is Spider-Man. Although I fly and watch a lot of places while protecting the world, but at present, I don’t have any missions. I also want us to travel around the world together and really fly to a certain city to learn about this city. All development.


I know that travel is for most people to relax and increase local culture, and I am the same, so now I live in Vancouver, I want to go to nearby Victoria for a walk, my friend told me that the scenery there is very good , The beach is also very beautiful, and I also want to eat a lot of food. About travel, I have heard too many opinions and sayings, so what is the meaning of travel? When we are sad, we want to heal through a journey; when we are happy, we want to travel to celebrate; when we are confused, we want to find the direction of life through the journey. So why does travel give us so much power?

In the final analysis, the significance of travel is to broaden our horizons. When our horizons are widened, people’s hearts will naturally be widened. Many things that we could not understand before can be understood. The saying “read thousands of books and travel thousands of miles” is justified. We have traveled thousands of rivers and mountains. On the way, your vision will be opened, your knowledge will be broadened, and your heart will be broadened. Naturally, your whole person will become More open-minded and transparent.

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